Behind The Design: Picasso Plaques


As Holly Ryan gears up to launch her latest collection – Resort 19 – the designer shares the inspiration and story behind her striking Picasso pieces.

Picasso pieces

“I have always had a deep appreciation for the artistic process. To me, Picasso’s ceramic plaques represent raw experimentation.”
– Holly Ryan

In  this art-inspired range, motif necklaces and earrings draw inspiration from Picasso’s series of ceramic plaques – a medium that the artist first began exploring in 1946. While vacationing with his then-lover Françoise Gilot, Picasso discovered the Madoura Pottery Studio and a longstanding creative partnership was born.
Here, Holly expands upon the etched faces and abstract expressions made famous by this iconic artist. Through the addition of a pearl drop or the high shine of recycled gold, she lends a modern touch that is signature to H/R.

Behind The Design: Picasso Plaques