Like so many others, we have been self-isolating for weeks now. But we're getting through it by dreaming of an isolation vacation in the woods somewhere, like at one of the Unyoked Cabins.

Holly paid a visit just before things got real on the iso front, leaning into the opportunity to unplug and recharge.

Her packing list included only the bare essentials: a great book, bottle of natural wine, her Nagnata pieces for moving in, and her everdyay jewels – Wabi Sabi and Signet rings, plus a pair of Keshi Pearl Hoops, for feeling even closer to nature. 

Here, Holly shares her cabin diary, from where we'd rather be.

"Environmental sustainability is really important to us, as a brand. So my idea of the perfect isolation vacation is one where I can get off the grid, lighten my footprint, and reconnect with Mother Nature."
"This cabin is called Rex and it's a total disconnect in the Central Coast Hinterland. It has a 10-minute hike to a secluded hill top sanctuary with no wifi."
"We cooked on an open fire, drank Winona wine, saw a lyrebird, read lots, bushwalked, watched a rainbow sunrise from bed and showered with a view. Pretty much perfection."
"Nature-driven design is an important part of my practice. So this escape into the woods offered the perfect way to immerse myself in nature and fuel my creative inspiration."