“Our handmade jewellery is designed to be worn, loved and, one day passed along.” – Holly Ryan


In the OTC Style Study, created by Holly’s close friend and collaborator Rosie Dalton, Talismans are mentioned as one of the best foundations for a values-driven personal uniform. “Pure metals like silver and gold never lose their value,” Rosie writes in the Style Study. “They can be melted down and repurposed into new jewellery items. So, by nature, they are not disposable.”


This is part of our sustainable ethos at Holly Ryan and it’s why we produce quality pieces that are designed to be worn everyday. Some of Holly’s own everyday pieces include the original versions of her classic Wabi Sabi and Signet ring designs, as well as her Keshi Pearl Hoops.


Which pieces do you wear everyday?




Photography by Lucy Landini, Kitty Callaghan and Claudia Smith.