Holly Ryan's third solo sculpture exhibition, 'On Self Respect' opens this week at Jerico Contemporary. 

Holly's sculpture work continues to inspire her jewellery and vice versa. So this latest exhibition sees the artist work with bronze for the first time, drawing upon her longstanding practice as a goldsmith.

“There is something quite beautiful about the process of working with bronze,” Holly says, “because it forces you to slow down and enjoy the lengthy and physical process involved in bringing these pieces to life.”

As the core alchemical element of this exhibition, bronze is rendered in high shine and textured finishes, with varied patinas. “Bronze has a beautiful weightiness to it,” she says. “It is solid and designed to last forever.”

Throughout ‘On Self Respect’ the golden appeal of this metal is complemented by the warmth of natural timber – all of which has a shou sugi ban finish. Shou sugi ban describes the Japanese art of preserving and finishing wood using fire and it lends a charred effect that sets a dramatic backdrop for the artist’s bronze works.

These works are designed as future heirlooms for the home, rather than the body.