HR Woman: Nat Buchanan

Nat Buchanan is one of our all-time fave models and muses. A true HR Woman, she recently visited the studio and spent a day trying on jewellery (read: pearls on pearls).

Captured by photographer 
Lucy Landini, Nat is a total dream boat who embodies our idea of effortlessly undone elegance. Here, she shares some of the inner workings of her mind and what 2020 has meant for her. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I never know where to start when asked to talk about myself! I always think, which part? Let’s see. I’m a model, daughter, sister, friend, lover. I’m also a Gemini, which means I have about six personalities that operate at all times. I like to think I’m loving, impulsive, ambitious and a little nuts. I live by the beach with my boo and I’m obsessed with chocolate.

Who is your dream dinner date?
Ergh so many but first Rihanna. Obviously.

What is your earliest jewellery memory?
I used to love making my own horrendously fantastic bracelets as a kid. I would thread rainbow beads onto a piece of too-short elastic and wear them until my hands nearly fell off from no circulation. Oo and stick-on earrings. Such a vibe.

Can you tell us about the HR shoot day?
Lots of giggles and fem power! Having an all-woman team creates such a special and specific energy that, in my experience, always births something beautiful and organic. I had a romantic moment with an orange too, which was fun.

Which pieces were your favourites to work with?
I love the 
Meteor Pearl Drop Earrings. They are so effortlessly elegant but also look equally cool paired with something more undone.




This year has been such an intense one! What has 2020 brought up for you personally?
Ooft 2020, she’s made me feel some stuff this year. For the most part, though, on an internal level it’s been a gift and an unexpected opportunity to push ‘reset’. I’ve had the privilege to be able to slow down, and reassess my values, my priorities and direction. I’ve spent some time re-writing my definitions of “success” and trying to operate from a place of gratitude and compassion more frequently. On the flip side, though, pockets of anxiety, loneliness and fear have also been very real symptoms of 2020 for me. The Black Lives Matter movement affected me, as it has the world, on a very personal level. I felt awakened to microagressions (that very term, a relief in itself to be able to give the uneasiness I’d felt in my gut so many times, a name), but also to my privilege and ignorance.

What sparks joy for you right now?
Learning. You really take education for granted while you’re at school/uni, probably because you've just spent 13 years of your life memorising shit. But once you stop for a few years, the thirst to know more creeps back with a vengeance. I’ve been loving reading again and getting creative with design and photography.

And what's next for Nat Buchanan?
Who knows. I feel like 2020 has thrown so many curve balls that I now throw my hands up in surrender! I’m learning to trust completely in the process, the process that nothing is in my control. But more modelling, acting and other creative endeavours are what I want to keep on the horizon. I’m aiming to launch my own e-com product with my partner next year – watch this space.



HR Woman: Nat Buchanan