HR x Nagnata ~ Movement 010 Presentation


For their Movement 010 Presentation, our longtime friends at Nagnata asked Holly to accessorise the collection with an exclusive range of 90's, pearl-punk-inspired runway pieces. For each unique piece, created lovingly by hand, Holly used upcycled pearls and materials already available in our Sunshine Coast studio.


Held at Bangarra Dance Theatre in Sydney, the intentionally off-schedule presentation opened with a performance choreographed exclusively for Nagnata by Waangenga Blanco, former lead choreographer and principle dancer of Bangarra.
“Nagnata is rooted in conscious design and the interrelationship between art and activism,” says Nagnata founder Laura May Gibbs.
“Our Movement 10 presentation is a moment to celebrate these ideals but also look to the future. Our roadmap to a more sustainable future is an ambitious one, but with clarity of vision and staunch commitment, I believe we can do it.” 
“Finding the ultimate balance between style and sustainability is what keeps us moving forward, pursuing new ideas and pushing boundaries in the industry. The potential for future growth and innovation far beyond anything we’ve seen before exists at the intersection of these two ideas – and for us, that’s the most exciting place to be.” – Laura May Gibbs, founder and Creative Director 
In creating these bespoke designs, Holly and Laura looked to the pearl-punk styling of the 90's, as well as extending some of Holly's existing designs like the Neptune's Necklace into exquisitely detailed belly chains, belts & anklets.
Mixing and matching styles like our Meteor Pearl Single Drops and Neptune's Earrings, we created unique asymmetrical looks, and stacks of Keshi Pearl Hoops made for simple ear statements, reimagined.
Styling by Ilkin Kurt
Sun-blushed beauty by Claire Thomson using Ere Perez Cosmetics
Pearl-punk styling by Holly Ryan and grounding stones with woven accoutrements by Yanggurdi
Stay tuned for a detailed behind-the-scenes look into the design and production of this special collection, with limited pieces available for purchase soon.
HR x Nagnata ~ Movement 010 Presentation