Postcards from Italy

“I visited Italy last year and collected the most gorgeous ceramic tiles on the beaches of Amalfi. These tiles are by-products of the ceramic industry there, but I thought they were so beautiful and unique. I decided to breathe new life into them as one-of-a-kind earrings." – Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan has always worked with a sustainable mindset, but she was even more passionate about this message for HR 19 – due to the current state of the environment. As a result, we decided to use less new materials and more of what we already had for this collection. This meant continuing our commitment to using recycled metals and it also inspired the Ceramic Series. 

Following Holly's trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, she wanted to upcycle the one-of-a-kind tiles that she collected on the beach and turn them into works of art for the earlobes. Enter the Ceramic Earrings, which come in three core styles: the Capri with a metal nugget, the Amalfi with a freshwater pearl, and the Furore with two pearls.

No two tiles are the same, which means that every pair is totally unique – and sustainable too.

*If you would like to discuss your earring design and the shape or colours of each ceramic, please feel free to email us:
Postcards from Italy