Aside from their beautiful depth and tones, precious stones are also incredible for their natural healing properties. Each one has its own effects on the mind, body, and soul. So below we're running through some of our favourite stones and what their individual properties are.

Citrine is the stone of choice for our beautiful new 
Marquise Ring (pictured above). This golden stone enhances concentration and revitalises the mind, releasing negative traits and encouraging self-expression.
Diamonds are one of our favourite stones to use, especially for Wabi Sabi Rings. These precious stones are said to impart a spirit of fearlessness and fortitude. They have been thought to stimulate creativity and bring about clarity of mind.
Sapphires are a signature Holly Ryan stone, used in organic Wabi Sabi designs and She Shell pieces. Deep blue like the ocean, this stone is thought to protect from negative energy, promote mental clarity, alongside strengthening integrity and intuition.

Whatever your favourite stone is, you will probably find that it has natural properties which you find healing to mind, body, or soul.