At Holly Ryan, sustainability isn’t simply tacked on, it is inherent to the brand. Working sustainably is one of our most important considerations, which is why we recycle everything we can – from paper to metal scraps and even reusing pre-loved boxes for storage.

“These are just the moral principles I live by,” Holly explains. “I have always cared about that, and my parents drilled it into me from a young age.”

Our sustainability philosophy at Holly Ryan can be seen throughout the studio, but also in the jewellery itself. It is manifested through each individual piece, across various stages of its life – from raw materials, to design, creation and eventually reinvention.




“I use recycled materials for my jewellery and stones are sourced ethically,” Holly says. This commitment is important to the brand, because recycled silver and gold have a much lower impact on the environment than metals which are mined new.


Holly Ryan jewellery is made to last. Drawing upon timeless, art-driven references, the brand’s artisans craft each piece by hand. “Each artisan makes jewellery slightly differently to the next,” Holly says. “They are putting their own hand and touch to the piece, so it has their own stamp on it.”





In addition to using recycled metals and ethically sourced materials, Holly Ryan jewellery is also made in Australia. 



The Holly Ryan Recycling Initiative forms the backbone of our sustainability philosophy. Through this closed loop system, we invite you to return pre-owned Holly Ryan jewellery in the original box for store credit. According to Holly, "it's important to curate a collection of pieces you will wear forever and renew or rework those you no longer do."