The Undone x Holly Ryan

We have just launched an exclusive collaboration with The UNDONE.

These pieces are a modern and minimalistic spin on our Hidden Treasure designs, created especially for The UNDONE woman and her effortlessly pared back aesthetic.

Shop the pieces now and read an excerpt from The UNDONE’s profile on Holly below.
At The UNDONE we have strengthened our focus on curating an edit of hand made jewellery, of pieces you want to wear every day that are made with such care and attention to detail.

We've been big supporters of Australian jewellery brand Holly Ryan, and over the years we've worked on a few special exclusive pieces together, with the newest series 'Lost Treasure' one of our favourites.

Going behind the scenes into their new Surry Hills design studio, we watched on as Holly and her team hand made these new pieces, showcasing the time, skill and craftsmanship each Holly Ryan piece entails.

“When I first started out, it was hard to educate consumers that handmade doesn’t necessarily mean ‘crafty’ and I really had to push the message that it can actually be considered artisanal.’”
– Holly Ryan

The Undone x Holly Ryan