Pharmakeute Herbal Extracts & Teas

Based in Naarm, Melbourne, Australia, Pharmakeute (far-mah-koo-tay) offers medicinal, plant-based products designed to nurture and fortify the body and mind.

Originating from the Greek word pharmakis, meaning someone with an intimate knowledge of herbs, pharmakeute refers to the cunning folk, folk healers of our past, the knowers of plants. 

Founded in 2021 by Holly Borich, Pharmakeute was born out of her deep curiosity in the natural world and how its many offerings have long been used as a means to heal. As an emerging herbalist currently undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, Pharmakeute is an intuitive extension of Holly’s unwavering interest in ancient history and its focus on botanical plants, along with her interest in the link between our emotional state and overall health.

Where the body and mind have long been treated by traditional medicine as separate entities, Pharmakeute aims to remedy this disconnect through their gentle yet effective hand crafted formulations. Bringing together high quality, organic ingredients and knowledge steeped in history, Pharmakeute is harmony and balance distilled. 

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